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Our Story

Christ Ambassadors is about living out Christian identity boldly and letting the world know about the Kingdom of God.

The story of Christ Ambassadors begins in 2022 in Toronto, Canada. My husband and I have been Christian for a long time. We wanted to find tools to help us initiate conversations about our faith with others and live out our Christian identity. After discerning on many visions and ideas, the Lord has given us this vision of creating visual graphics that use bible verses and scriptures as inspiration. Since then, the Lord has given us a lot of design inspiration that could represent His living words.


In late 2022, my husband and I decided to put our trust in the Lord and invest our savings to turn this vision into an apparel brand. We trust that God will be with us on this journey and will breathe into this brand. We want to let the world know that we are not ashamed and are proud to be Christian.

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